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Rules and Regulations

Experience has shown that the adoption and enforcement of rules and regulations are necessary to protect the interest of all plot owners and preserve the beauty of Simsbury Cemetery.  


  1. Cemetery is officially open from sunrise to sunset.  All visitors are expected to respect the solemnity of the cemetery and strictly observe the rules that have been established to secure peace and good order within the grounds.
  2. The Superintendent, and any Sextons appointed by the Superintendent, acting under the direction of the Superintendent, shall have charge of the grounds.  The Superintendent reserves the right to remove, at any time, any shrubs, plants, monuments, adornments which may be encroaching on neighboring lots, objectionable or injurious in any way.  This includes stones, golf balls etc. that are potential projectiles.
  3. The purchase of burial space, niche or crypt conveys only the right of interment therein.  Owners may only sell their spaces back to Simsbury Cemetery Association for their original purchase price.  No one other than the Cemetery Assoc. has the right to sell or transfer ownership and burial privileges.


  1. Plantings are permitted ONLY at the head of the grave. 
  2. The plantings are to be limited to the FRONT of the monument only.  Plantings cannot encroach on the neighboring plots to the sides or rear.  
  3. Any plantings, real or artificial, that are not maintained will be removed.
  4. Plastic flowers are only allowed if they are in good condition and seasonal. They must be potted to allow for string trimming. The maintenance of the cemetery does not allow for plastic flowers to be placed directly in the ground.  
  5. Please remember this is working cemetery and heavy equipment will be going through all areas of the cemetery.  Please keep plantings close to headstones so they will not get run over by equipment.  Reasonable efforts will be made to protect planting but no responsibility for their protection is assumed.
  6. Miniature shrubs must be kept in planting container to limit growth.  They must not encroach on neighboring graves or the mowing lanes.  Full size shrubbery is prohibited.


  1. No grave will be ordered opened, or interment made on Sunday, unless    required for public health.
  2. Interments will only be allowed in cement burial vaults.
  3. A funeral procession, after entering the Cemetery, is under the control of the Superintendent or his staff.


  1. No monument or other memorial shall be brought into the Cemetery until a sketch showing design, material, finish, size and proposed inscription has been approved by staff.
  2. Monument work must be done in granite with a thickness of no less than 4 inches and be placed on a masonry foundation.
  3. The building of foundations and the setting of markers will be done only by employees or sub contractors of the Association.
  4. Contact the office for size specifications. And limitations.
  5. One monument and 2 flush markers MAXIMUM per single grave.
  6. No memorials may be placed on the walkways around the Columbarium, niche wall or gazebo.  Contact the office if you would like to plant a memorial plant in one of the gardens or if you would like to learn about memorial tree and shrub plantings.

Please contact the Superintendent or office staff with any questions

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