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Simsbury Cemetery is situated on the western face of a hill in center off Hopmeadow Street. Although the cemetery is in close proximity to town, the setting is peaceful and provides magnificent views of the valley. In addition to being such a beautiful location, there is a strong historical connection as it was the site of Simsbury’s first meeting house which was in use from 1683 to 1739.

In the early days, very little care was given to the burying grounds. Grasses and bushes were allowed to grow wild. Then around 1852, a resident named Watson Wilcox circulated a “subscription paper.” This was equivalent to today’s term “signing a pledge card.” $2,500 was raised! That’s an incredible sum for the 1850s. At this time the Simsbury Cemetery Association was formed and it was given complete control of the cemetery. The Association’s first project was to build solid stone walls on the north and south sides and to install an iron fence along Hopmeadow Street.

Today, the work of the Cemetery Association continues under the presidency of Jay Eno. Mark Sperandio is the current superintendent of the cemetery.

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